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What would be totally awesome would be if (1) Percocet didn't upset my stomach or (2) if Mobic didn't give me raging insomnia.

About an hour ago I took the Percocet on top of the Mobic in hopes that the sleep-inducing properties of the former would triumph, but I'm presently painfully, entirely awake, and debating whether I should abandon all hope, put on my dressing gown, and read The Leopard.

What would be ENTIRELY SUPERIOR would be if this stupid sciatica would give up the ghost and I could go back to an unmedicated life, but so far, no dice.

ETA:  abandoned bed.  Drinking hibiscus tea, listening to the Britten War Requiem, and reading The Leopard.  Not feeling even the slightest bit sleepy.  WOE IS I, sigh.