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in this country there is no 911

a bitter god to follow

Non serviam
12 October 1980
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One day, my enormous law school loans will be paid off and I can retire to my sheep farm in Patagonian Chile. Until that day, I work a lot, bake complicated desserts, and nurture a financially crippling used-book habit.

I run. A long way. A lot. Sometimes over things that are high (Washington Pass) or down into and out of things that are very low (the Grand Canyon).

I have strong opinions about: the poetry of George Herbert, the filioque clause, the superiority of the early Heinlein, Baroque architecture, unnecessary apostrophes in fantasy worldbuilding, and the use of "gift" as a verb.

Friend and defriend at will. I friend back with perhaps more enthusiasm than you'll be expecting.

In affectionate memory of Col. Ted Westhusing, killed in Iraq, 6/5/2005. If you would like to know what the war in Iraq cost one American soldier and those who loved him, please read this. Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.